About Asante Philani

Formed in 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa, Asante Philani’s mission is to be a dynamic market leader in new innovative products, with total commitment to alleviating suffering and to bring hope and joy within a healthy lifestyle to all of mankind. The Asante Foundation is the Research and Development division of Asante Philani.

At Asante Foundation we have designed a new supplement for HIV and chronically ill people. We have completed a local study on the Cape Flats, where the results after 30 days showed dramatic changes in both the clinical aspects of HIV infection and the psychological well-being of these participants.

In this Asante-Viral study, a mix of African plants and specially treated plant extracts were trialled as a health supplement. Asante-Viral ‘Active-Support’ offers people who are not on ARV’s an alternative supplement that supports their health and well-being. 72% showed decreased viral loading and increased ‘T’ and CD4 cell counts – in just 30-days.

For those participants who were taking ARV’s, the data showed no change in 100% of the subjects in viral loading with a 65% increase in CD4 and T-Cell counts in the 30-day study, showing these traditional plant products do not negatively interact with ARV’s, both products can be taken concurrently and the immune system for these participants is supported and activated.

We looked at the psychological well-being of the participants; 93% reported feeling more energised and wanting to get out of their homes, and 96% felt more positive about their health and future. The psychological well-being is an important aspect of healing and returning to a useful role within the community and in the wider workforce.

None of the participants dropped out due to side effects. This is in stark comparison with ARV treatment where up to 98% report unwanted side-effects that can lead to them stopping ARV treatment. ARVs have known serious side effects, including damage to the immune system and an increased risk of heart attacks in up to 90% of subjects.

The Asante-Viral products trialled are grown in Africa, processed in Africa, and potentially provide agricultural and processing opportunities for African co-operatives and communities to help themselves. The plant products are currently used by African Natural Healers, and this study has illustrated where there is restricted access to conventional ARV treatment due to poverty in African countries, traditional plant remedies have a place in treating sick people. The Asante-Viral product is up to 25% or more cheaper than ARV’s. These products have the potential to offer local, national and international economic and socio-economic returns.

The Directors

The Asante Philani directors have been involved in health care for many years;

  • Venetia Kruger, has started and run successful companies formulating and selling supplements since 2005.
  • Dr Thozi Qubuda, Director and Lead Clinician, qualified in 2000, and developed his skill of using traditional plant products to help heal war veterans in some of Africa’s conflicts where ‘modern’ pharmaceuticals were not available.
  • Dr Julian Holmes, Clinical Director, qualified as a dentist in 1995. His research has been published around the world, and he regularly lectures in South Africa, the USA and Europe on HIV, infection control, and wound management.

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