A New Health Supplement For Chronic Illness & Disease

Asante Philani recently launched a new health supplement for chronic illness & disease.  At a packed conference centre in Milnerton, the company officially launched its latest immune support product to invited guests.

Members of the research team, journalists, radio and TV reporters, therapists and doctors listened to a series of presentations of how the new supplement worked and personal stories of changed participants lives. This new supplement is in an easy-to-take capsule and suitable for people of all ages. “In effect, this supplement operates in the same way as your own immune system” reports Dr Thozi Qubuda, Director & Clinical Practitioner of Asante Philani.  “By combining traditional and complimentary healing plants and organic oils that are grown in Africa, we have successfully shown how people can improve their health and well-being”.

Read below about the trial and the results that Asante Philani supported in the Cape Flats area, in Cape Town.

“This is the first of many opportunities to promote health within communities that face many life challenges”, says Dr Julian Holmes, Clinical Director of the Asante Philani Group.  “We designed a product to support and boost the individuals own immune system to help fight disease, and we have successfully done that.”

New ‘Viro-Cleanse’ Study Results

In a study carried out by Asante Viral in Cape Flats in Cape Town, a mix of treated African plant extracts were trialled as a health supplement. ‘Viro-Cleanse’ offers people an alternative supplement that supports their health and well-being. In this study, 72% showed increased ‘T’ and CD4 cell counts – in just 30-days.

Participants who were taking ARV’s showed a 65% increase in CD4 and T-Cell counts. 93% of subjects reported feeling more energized, 96% felt more positive about their health and future, and no subject dropped out due to side effects. Those taking ARV’s showed no interactions with the organic plant supplements.

“This is the first of many opportunities to promote health within a community that faces many life challenges”, says Dr Holmes, Clinical Director of the Asante Philani Group.

CEO of Asante Philani, Venetia Kruger, who has been involved in the health business for many years says; “These are outstanding results. We are now looking at other chronic illnesses where we can offer products for health and increased well-being that allow people to heal”.

‘Viro-Cleanse’ has uses for bacterial, fungal and viral infections, such as the ‘Super-Bugs’ and Herpes.

Traditional Anti-RetroViral (ARV’s) drugs have been shown to prolong the lives of those infected with HIV and help prevent HIV cross infection. But throughout Africa less than 32% of 23.5 million HIV positive Africans have access to ARV’s.

This new product will help those who do not have access to ARV’s, and Asante is looking for funding from Government and Private Investors. The study has been sent to the South African Medical Journal to be published.

‘Viro-Cleanse’ Launch

Company Secretary, Abel Pienaar started the afternoon meeting by introducing Venetia Kruger, CEO. This is the third health-care venture Ms Kruger has started from the ground up.

Dr Thozi Qubuda introduced some of the participants from Cape Flats who were involved in the product trial. Three ladies recounted their own personal stories of how the new product had changed their lives, and given them hope after they felt abandoned by their partners and by the healthcare system. All recounted how after 2-3 days they started to feel better, with more energy, and how the side effects of their ARV medication started to disappear. Now, with the support of Asante, these participants will enter a long-term study to follow their progress.

Asante’s Clinical Director, Dr Julian Holmes, took the assembled guests through the research and data so by the time he finished, all had a clear idea just what this new supplement offered sick people and communities –and what further exciting and novel products were in development.

The afternoon ended with a wide selection of food and refreshment that was enjoyed by everyone.