Study for HIV & AIDS

This study presents a new supplement that can be taken by HIV positive individuals. It is suitable for those not on ARV’s,
and can be taken concurrently with ARV’s. The supplements showed no interactions with ARV’s and it has a wide application in chronic illnesses. An improved immune system reflects how people measure the way they feel.

The trial data shows a 65% increase in CD4 and T-cell counts for persons taking ARV’s, showing an enhanced immune response; 93% of participants reported feeling more energised, 96% felt more positive about their health and future; more importantly no person dropped out due to side effects. 100% of those taking ARV’s showed no negative interactions with the trial supplement, and those not taking ARV’s showed a 92% reduction in viral loading.[1]

This is in stark comparison with ARV treatment alone, where up to 98% report unwanted side-effects in published studies. ARV’s have known serious side effects, including damage to the immune system and an increased risk of heart attacks in up to 90% of subjects.